Beginning of Nikki Fever

A Rock Star Menu came about from the mastermind of Nikki Fever. When first moving to the city I realized about 80% of my paycheck was going to rent 10% cabs 5% social life and the rest I prayed would cover groceries. Growing up with a family that was very serious about food I had to take my training and learned to improvise. Some of my friends favorites dishes came from cleaning out the fridge and refusing to let food go bad. Years of this practice I have become very resourceful in the kitchen and can make something out of what seems to be impossible. In this blog I hope to share my daily kitchen experiments and the leftover magic I feel I truly have mastered. Most would assume I am a domestic housewife but as you visit my world you will find I am just another funky chick that is trying to do about ten jobs at once and keep healthy. Trying to make the most of my time I am very proud to share these receipts and hopefully help give a few quick meals that will guide everyone to a healthy more interesting way of eating. Come join my Rock Star Menu.


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